Terms of User Agreement for Damu Group

1.Special Notice

1. Damu Group (“Damu Group ,” “we,” “us,” and “our”) agrees to provide network services (“web services”) through our website and its affiliated pages (“Website”) according to the stipulations of this agreement and any other regulations released henceforth. In order to receive web services, the users of our service (“users”) agree to follow the registration procedures posted on our Website and recognize that this entire agreement and other announcements released by Damu Group governs their use of said Website. Pressing “agree” during Website registration indicates that users understand and agree with all stipulations of this agreement. These stipulations may be changed by Damu Group at any time; once any edits are made to the agreement, Damu Group will post a notice regarding the changed portions on a relevant page of the Website. Edited versions of this service agreement effectively replace all older versions once they are published on said web page. Before users accept any web services of Damu Group, they should carefully read the following service agreement; if the user does not agree with any portion of the service agreement and/or any of its continuing edits, then the user should stop receiving the web services of Damu Group.

2.Service Content

1. Damu Group reserves the right to define the web services it provides (e.g., the Forum, games, etc.) according to the practical situation at hand. Damu Group also reserves the right to change, stop, or eliminate any portion or the entirety of these services at any time.

2. A portion of the web services provided by Damu Group (e.g., browser game and other electronic charge services) may incur certain fees from its users. In these caes, Damu Group will provide clear notices on the relevant portions of its Website. If a user does not agree to pay the fees posted by Damu Group, then this user cannot receive the optional web services associated with them.

3. Please understand: Damu Group provides only web services. Besides this, other associated equipment (i.e., computers, modems, and other devices used in the process of logging onto the Internet) and all associated fees incurred (e.g., phone services or ISP payments) used to take personal advantage of these services are the sole burden of the user.

3.User Regulations

1. Damu Group will confer a unique account number and associated password to every successfully registered user. Users take sole legal responsibility for the protection of their accounts and all activities conducted and circumstances created through their use.

2. The user agrees to accept all product sales promotions and other relevant business materials sent by Damu Group through email or other means.

3. In receiving the web services of Damu Group, the user agrees to abide by the following rules:
a. Respect all the relevant laws of the country in which the user is located;
b. Refrain from using our web services for illegal aims;
c. Follow all relevant web service agreements, rules, or procedures;
d. Refrain from using our web services in any way that might disrupt the normal flow of activity on Damu Group;
e. Refrain from using our web services to disseminate any harassing, harmful, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, or other disallowed data;
f. Refrain from using our web services in any way that might harm the interests or benefits of Damu Group;
g. In dealing with the services, products, and consultation of Damu Group and its associates, the user agrees to adopt the relevant communication channels provided by our system and not release negative statements about associated services of Damu Group in public places;
h. Upon discovering any disallowed account activity or leaks in account safety, the user agrees to promptly inform Damu Group.

4. In using the account and password provided under the governance of this agreement to surf the Damu Group Website or receive any other services provided by Damu Group, the user signals agreement to abide by all aforementioned regulations and conditions set forth in this document and other relevant materials publicly released by Damu Group.

5. In accepting the services of Damu Group, the user agrees to reserve to Damu Group the ownership rights to any electronic data produced thereof.

6. The user agrees to abide by the rules or regulations associated with any Damu Group product or game; the user is fully responsible for the effects of any behaviors not complying with these rules.

7. The user may not use patches, bots, or any other unregulated technology or other means to imbalance, influence normal use by other players of, or otherwise tamper with our web services; otherwise, Damu Group retains the right to deal immediately with the data of such users as it sees fit.

8. Damu Group reserves the right to delete, append, or otherwise edit this portion of this agreement as well as the right to its final interpretation.

4.Content Rights

1. The web content provided by Damu Group may include but is not limited to the following: text, software, sounds, images, videos, and graphical materials. This ownership of this content is protected by all relevant laws pertaining to intellectual copyright, trademark, and other associated property rights.

2. The user may make use of this content only once they are granted written permission by Damu Group or other parties with relevant rights; they may not copy or recreate any of this content or use it to make any other products.

5.Protection of Privacy

1. Protecting the privacy of our users (especially non-adults) is one of Damu Game’s fundamental policies. As such, Damu Group does not share user registration data, or any other information not for public release collected during the use of Damu Group services, with other companies or third parties (though please see the exceptions enumerated in section 5.2), except under the following circumstances:
A. Explicit user agreement to release;
B. Necessitation by relevant laws;
C. Order by associated government bodies;
D. Necessity in order to protect public safety;
E. Necessity in order to protect the legal benefits and interests of Damu Group.

2. It is probable that Damu Group will cooperate with third-party associates in order to provide its web services to users; in these circumstances, if the third party agrees to be responsible for the same level of user privacy protection as that set forth in this agreement, Damu Group reserves the right to share the registration data and other such information of its users.

3. Under the precondition of not releasing personally identifiable private user data, Damu Group reserves the right to view and apply all information associated with user accounts for the purpose of data-driven research and statistical analysis for business activities. While Damu Group strives to protect its users’ privacy rights, we still cannot guarantee that our application of current security technology infallibly protects all user data from loss and harm.

6.Statement of Immunity from Liability

1. The proprietors of Damu Group do not guarantee the following conditions:
A. That our services will fulfill your needs;
B. That our services will be safe, dependable, delivered in a timely manner, or free of disruption or errors.

2. Users expressly agree to solely bear the burden of all risks and possibly negative effects, direct or indirect, associated with the web services of Damu Group. Damu Group does not bear any responsibility for the users of its web services.

7.Service Changes, Cessation, or Elimination

1. In the case of a need to pause any portion of services because of necessary system maintenance or upgrades, Damu Group will strive to let its users know as long as possible ahead of the fact.

2. In case of occurrence of any of the below circumstances, Damu Group has the right to cease or eliminate any of its services to the user at any time without prior notice:
A. The user provides false information;
B. The user fails to abide by any other terms set forth in the present agreement.

3. In addition to under the conditions enumerated above, Damu Group also reserves the right to cease or eliminate any portion or the entirety of its web services at any point without prior notice and does not accept responsibility for resulting losses to any user or third party.

8.Due Compensation

1. The user agrees to ensure and maintain the interests and benefits of Damu Group and its other users; in the event of any loss incurred by Damu Group or its third-party associates because of the user’s failure to abide by any rules or regulations set forth in this agreement, the user agrees to bear the sole responsibility and burden of all compensation of harm.

9.Legal Jurisdiction

1. This agreement is to be established, executed, and interpreted, and all associated disputes resolved, according to the laws of the Hong Kong.

2. If any dispute regarding the content or execution of this agreement occurs between Damu Group and its users, the two parties agree to first strive to amicably consult each other for a solution; in the event that an agreement is not reached, all parties agree to engage in legal proceedings in a high court where Damu Group is located.

10.Means of Notification

1. Additional conditions may be appended to this agreement through announcements published on the Website, emails, conventional mailing materials, and other methods of communication from Damu Group to our users; such announcements are considered effective on the day of their release.

11.Other Regulations

1. The events and circumstances inherent in the relationship between Damu Group and our users is governed entirely by the aforementioned agreement and associated announcements released by us. Apart from this agreement, nothing can confer additional rights to the parties implicated by it.

2. In the case that this agreement contains any stipulations that are voided or unfit for execution, in whole or in part, for any reason, the other stipulations retain their validity.

3. The section titles in this document have been provided for convenience only; they do not have legal or contractual meaning.